Sitting with the Guru

“Shri Guru Charanam Shri Hari Sharanam” 

Last night in some sacred space

I took refuge in the guru and in the teachings of the dharma

There weren’t any incense,

No bells, nor monks in robes 

I didn’t travel to the majestic temples, Or some hill to find a beautiful soul sitting with his blanket. 

No the journey was much deeper and farther into the depths of being.

I found the guru, hidden in my heart 

It is he that had been calling, he that had been leading, he that had been teaching, he that had been learning. 

As I surrendered my mind, my will, my very being over to the guru, I found I was with him all along 

And that I was only taking refuge in my heart. 
I only surrendered to love. And love consumed me. 

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